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    Steel Roofing
    Polymer Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets
    SMARTROOF Polymer Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheets, will be a revolution product in roofing material. Because it only only have heat insulation and corrosive resistance, but also a long lifespan. Its functions are much more than traditional metal roofing, We are certain that this new roofing material will be more and more popular, and will help bring clients benefit and save cost.
    Below, it is the showcase of the Polymer film, which is coated tightly on the Galvanized Steel. There will 7-8 Layers in one coating. In order to provide more functions.
    Detail Data:
    Item3rd Generation
    Based Raw MaterialGalvanized Steel / Aluminum
    Coating MaterialNano PET Film
    Width0.828MM / 0.84MM
    Thickness0.3MM – 0.8MM
    ColorBlue / Red / Silver Grey / Green
    Guarantee12 Years
    Compared With Traditional Metal Roof
    SMARTROOF STEEL RoofColor Roof Sheet
    Heat Insulation√×
    Corrosive Resistance√×
    Chemical Resistance√×
    High Strength√√
    Self Cleaning√×
    Sound Insulation√×
    Color Lasting√×
    SMARTROOF Team always attend to Exhibition, in order to promote SMARTROOF Roofing product and make global friend.
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