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    Topsun the load binders
    Two Pack of Ratchet Style Load Binders. Color may Vary. Heavy duty load binder utilizes a ratcheting action to tighten tie down chains. The forged steel handle offers maximum leverage, while the cam and pawl design allows for easier and faster securement. All of our chain binders meet FMCSA and DOT specifications, and are stamped with the size, break strength, and working load limit on the handle. 5/16″ ratchet binders are made to be used with 5/16″ Grade 70 Transport Chain.
    Product description:
    Our chain binders are made with quality in mind for heavy duty transport securement, and have the size, break strength, & work load limit clearly marked on the handle for quick and easy identification. This binder is made for either 5/16″ or 3/8″ chain*, but must be used with 5/16″ Grade 70 Transport Chain in order for your load binding assembly to meet the grade 70 transport standards for cargo securement set by the DOT.China Load Binder suppliers