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    Casing shoe
    Produce details:
    Drilling casings tools are used by more and more ground engineering contractors, which become one of the most popular methods for foundations, reinforcement work and well drilling, which is designed for urban work such as bridge, utility line, wharf and building construction.
    Kingdrilling are one of the most important supplier for casing drilling tools in China, we professionally produce Concentric casing drilling bit, Eccentric drilling system, Casing tube, Casing shoe, drill pipe, DTH hammer, down the hole bit, thread drill bits, taper drill bits, Anchor tools, coal mining bits, and so on.
    Casing shoe is usually matched with casing drill bit and casing tube together.
    Casing Shoe
    Outer Dia(mm)Inner Dia(mm)Length(m)
    Our advantages as below:
    1. Regular items are in stable stock with competitive price and good quality
    2. Customized size is available.
    1. How to order the products?
    A: Please send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number.
    2. How about the common packing?
    A: If there is no special packing demand, we will take it as our normal packing. First in small carton, and then put in the bigger carton together to make sure goods completed.
    3. What is the general delivery time?
    A: 10-25 day after receiving the deposit.
    4. Methods of Payment:
    T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or Western Union.
    5. What is the Application?
    Mining, Quarrying, Tunneling, Construction, Geological Exploration, Water-well Drilling, Oilfield & Gas Industries.
    6. How to choose the suitable head face of the DTH drill bit?
    a. Concave:
    Suitable for all kinds of formation, especially for deep well drilling, perpendicularity of the hole is wonderful.
    b. Convex:
    Suitable for the formation of moderate hardness stratum, drilling efficiency is good, borehole perpendicularity is moderate.
    c. Flat:
    Suitable for special hard formation stratum, especially for fracture, crack spacing and complex formation drilling effect is very good, has the good perpendicularity of the borehole.
    Casing Tube And Shoe Made in China